We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

Real Estate

We Bring Clarity To Real Estate Transactions And Disputes

Buying, selling or leasing a residential or commercial property is a major transaction that deserves close scrutiny.


Huttar Law PLC in Warrenton, Virginia, is available to help you evaluate a real estate transaction you are considering or resolve any real estate dispute you face. Attorney Ryan Huttar can help you prevent or resolve real estate-related conflicts at any stage of ownership or leasing, including:

  • Before you buy or lease
  • After you have signed a purchase agreement or lease
  • After you have occupied a property
  • When you want to sell a property or end a lease


Even if you are working with a trusted realtor or leasing agent, it is in your best interests to have an experienced attorney who is not involved in the deal to review any contract you sign.

Your Real Estate Concerns

Common real estate issues to clarify and disputes to prevent or resolve include:

  • Title review
  • Environmental inspections and mitigation requirements
  • Zoning compliance and variance approvals
  • Boundary disputes and other conflicts with adjoining property owners or renters
  • Adverse possession
  • Easements
  • Refinancing impediments or requirements
  • Remodeling, partitioning, annexing and other fundamental changes to properties
  • Taxation
  • Curing defective deeds, contracts and other documents pertaining to a property
  • Understanding and fulfilling closing requirements
  • Removing obstacles to closing
  • Foreclosure defense


Whatever your concerns and wherever you are in the process of acquiring a property or addressing real estate-related problems, Huttar Law PLC is a valuable resource.

Real Estate Red Flags

Do not enter into a lease agreement or make a purchase offer or sale agreement unless you are certain you are able to follow through. This can be difficult or impossible to know before you have obtained legal advice, obtained inspections, confirmed financing approval and taken other preliminary steps. Acting prematurely can lead to trouble. Protect your investment by consulting with a lawyer early in the process.


Perhaps your intended real estate transaction is for commercial purposes such as retail, manufacturing or other nonresidential purposes. You will need to verify zoning and land-use restrictions and requirements before proceeding with a lease contract.

Your Trusted Real Estate Adviser

Attorney Ryan Huttar pledges to listen attentively to you describe your priorities and concerns, and tailor advice and services to your needs. His calm and persistent approach to removing legal obstacles has helped many past clients avoid and resolve many common conflicts associated with real estate.

To schedule a consultation, call 540-351-5047 or send an email inquiry online.

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