We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

Landlord-Tenant Law

Put The Law On Your Side In Landlord-Tenant Matters

Both tenants and landlords often need legal advice at various stages of a contractual relationship. A residential or commercial lease is a substantial commitment that deserves careful scrutiny. A lawyer’s review of a lease, before the lease is signed, is always a good idea for either party.


Huttar Law PLC in Warrenton, Virginia, offers customized legal services, including one-time contract reviews, as well as ongoing service agreements for landlords.



If you have been looking for the right home, apartment, condominium or commercial property to lease, it is understandable if you are in a hurry to seal the deal. For peace of mind and clarification of legalese that is common in lease contracts, let our landlord-tenant law attorney succinctly explain the terms and if necessary negotiate in support of changes before you sign.

On the other hand, you may be a renter encountering troubles over repairs, usage complaints or a need to end the lease early for legitimate reasons. We can explain your rights as a tenant and your legal recourse when those rights are violated.

It is our policy to deliver exactly, and only, what a client needs. We will never waste your time and money.



Whether you own one rental property or a large number of homes, apartment complexes, retail properties and/or other types of properties for lease, we invite you to consider Huttar Law PLC for all your landlord-tenant needs, including contract drafting, reviewing and formalizing, evictions, and defense in property liability claims.


What are your best options when:

  • Tenants are temporarily unable to make their scheduled lease payments?
  • Tenants have misused a leased property?
  • A tenant moves out leaving damage behind?


And when does nonpayment of a lease justify an eviction?

Let us help you explore your options for representation in contract disputes or other issues. We will analyze the facts in your situation and advise you on how to protect your rights and interests. We can assist with legal evictions and other measures reinforcing your rights as a landlord.


Attorney Ryan Huttar has a wealth of experience and persistent dedication to clients’ needs. He is available to give you his undivided attention.


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