We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Resolving Disputes In Your Best Interests

Business owners, contractors, developers, business partners and entrepreneurs: When a conflict confronts you or your business, you may be tempted to think the challenge is how to win. In many cases, however, the crux of the matter is how to resolve the dispute constructively with the least expense and harm possible.

A compromise may not feel like a win, but if it keeps your budget intact and lets you move forward, it can be a positive. This concept holds true in legal conflicts outside of the business realm, too.

Charting A Path Forward

At Huttar Law PLC in Warrenton, Virginia, every decision and recommendation we make in a breach of contract claim begins with a close examination of a client’s perspective, the facts and the law.


If we work together to resolve your business, real estate or other type of conflict, we will first listen attentively to your point of view as a potential plaintiff or defendant in litigation. Then we will chart a path forward designed to let you put this dispute behind you.

Go To Trial, Or Not?

You may have the standing to file a lawsuit (or defend yourself vigorously in legal actions against you). With strong persuasion and compelling evidence, you may convince a judge and/or jury to order the other party to make things right through money or actions (or to drop the complaint).


Is this the right path to take? Two key questions to answer before going to the courtroom are:


  • What will litigation cost? Will projected gains (or reduced losses) justify the expense?
  • If you win the lawsuit, will the other side pay up (or perform as required) per the terms of the judgment from the court?


Sometimes the answers to these questions indicate that a more conservative, conciliatory approach would be to your benefit. Alternative dispute resolution through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or a pretrial agreement might be more advantageous than an aggressive rush to justice.

Breach of contract claims are common in the business world. Other legal conflicts impact other areas of life. All things considered, settling a dispute is likely to be less expensive than filing a lawsuit. Settling a lawsuit is less expensive than going to trial. At the same time, your priorities are paramount. Quality legal counsel can point you to the right solution.

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