We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 

We are proud to serve clients in Northern Virginia 


Welcome To Huttar Law PLC

Clients’ needs and challenges take front and center stage at Huttar Law PLC. If you retain attorney Ryan Huttar’s services, you will always understand your legal options. He will bring his considerable strengths to the table when collaborating with you to remove legal obstacles standing in your way.

You will soon realize that his extensive experience informs his ability to act effectively on your behalf to help solve legal problems you face.

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How Our Attorney Approaches Legal Matters

Lawyer Ryan Huttar’s calm, measured approach has served many clients well in a range of civil and criminal areas of the law. After first serving with another firm, he founded Huttar Law PLC, where he devotes himself solely to the counsel and representation of clients.

His talents and knowledge will be at your full disposal if you entrust your defense, real estate or family law matter to his care.


How Our Firm Will Contribute To Your Success


Once Huttar Law PLC is on your side, you can expect the firm to keep you fully informed about your case. At the same time, key decisions will be yours to make. Mr. Huttar’s goal is to empower you to choose the most advantageous options in support of your rights and future. The reins will remain in your hands as you chart your course with his reliable advice and advocacy every step of the way.


You may be facing one of these common but critical legal matters: a lawsuit, an arrest, a divorce, a child custody dispute, a lease or a real estate buy-sell agreement – or something else. The first order of business at your initial consultation will be for Mr. Huttar to listen carefully to your unique perception of the facts. He will then advise you on what the law has to say about your issues.


He will prepare you to take the necessary steps to protect your assets and interests. You will be fully aware of how each step will likely affect you, your family or your business.


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To discuss your legal concern, contact the firm. Start the frank, confidential dialogue that you need at this time by calling our offices at 540-351-5047 or by filling in our easy online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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